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SGR Beginnings…

In 1974, a small group of young attorneys set out to build a better law firm. Their ideas: a firm committed to specialization – focused exclusively on the defense of civil lawsuits; one dedicated to responsiveness to client needs; and a firm that didn’t shy away from, but instead embraced the opportunity to take cases to trial and through appeal.

Our Philosophy is Clear

Defending civil lawsuits:

  • Is not just about experience.
  • Is not just about planning ahead.
  • Is not just about efficiency.
  • Is not just about trial readiness.
  • At SGR – it is about all of the above.

We invite you to learn more about SGR and the attorneys who work here and hope that you will contact us to service your litigation needs.

The Tradition

Since our founding in 1974, the tradition of our firm has always been to avoid the “legalese” and the old formalities of practice. Instead, we present our cases in a straightforward, to-the-point, “plain English” style. Big-picture, common-sense mentality is applied to every case. Efficiency of effort and expense is the everyday approach. Winning for the client is the objective, whether through early resolution or trial and appeal.

Develop the Best

SGR has evolved by developing  best in class legal talent in a broad array of sub-specializations – general tort defense, civil rights and governmental defense, complex business torts and disputes, construction defect litigation, employment controversies, insurance coverage and bad faith defense,  workers’ compensation, health care law and beyond.  In line with its founding ideas, SGR is a full service defense practice.

Our Founding Partners

William L Senter

Of Counsel

James E Goldfarb

Of Counsel

Thomas S Rice

Of Counsel

Philosophy for Success

  • Hiring

    We spend the time up front to meet with and select motivated and driven attorneys who are committed to litigation.

  • Mentoring

    The culture at SGR has always been a commitment to the mentoring process with the idea that each new attorney will be better than the supervising attorney.

  • Opportunity

    SGR does not hire attorneys to hold briefcases and write memos. The best way to become a great attorney is to get the opportunity to directly participate in the litigation process through depositions, hearings, and most importantly – trial.

  • Share the Success

    At SGR we believe in a team-oriented approach so that staff, associates, and the supervising attorneys all play a key role and get to share in the client’s success.

Around the SGR Office