About Us
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SGR Beginnings…

In 1974, the founding partners set out to build a better law firm focused exclusively on the defense of civil claims and lawsuits that was dedicated and responsive to client needs, problem solving, efficiency and excellent results. Based on these ideals, SGR, LLC has been providing defense litigation services to the Colorado legal community since 1974. 


Our civil litigation defense only practice emphasizes services to civil defendants, insured civil defendants, insurance carriers and self-insured entities and persons. The hallmarks of our practice are successful results, efficiency of effort and cost effectiveness. As a mid-size firm, we offer the resources and size necessary to respond to substantial, complex litigation while retaining the personal, responsible client contact associated with smaller firms.


Our Philosophy

SGR provides high quality, problem solving defense of civil matters in an efficient manner while working in close partnership with the client related to the facts, the law and strategy with the overarching goal of consistently achieving excellent results.     

Common Sense Problem Solving: Efficiently identifying case issues and developing a plan with the aim of achieving a favorable outcome. 

Communication and Teamwork: Working in close partnership with the client related to the case facts, strategy and goals.   

Effective and Efficient Effort: Undertaking actions in a directed fashion to analyze the case issues with the aim of achieving the desired result.  “Nothing is less productive than doing what should not be done at all”. -Peter Drucker

Results: The overarching goal is bringing the legal matter to a final and favorable conclusion by resolution, trial or appeal. 


The Tradition

Since our founding in 1974, the tradition of our firm has always been to avoid the “legalese” and stale formalities. Instead, we analyze and present our cases in a straightforward and common-sense manner. A big-picture, problem solving mentality is applied to every case. Efficiency of effort and expense is the daily approach. Achieving favorable outcomes for the client is the objective, whether through early resolution, trial or appeal.

Develop the Best

SGR is a full service civil defense firmPartners of the firm demonstrate significant experience along with superior litigation and trial skills. Most of our Partners were mentored by the founders of the firm and have been working together solving client problems for decades. Many of our Partners are top-rated attorneys by independent agencies. Associates are recruited and selected for well-roundedness and excellent legal ability. The firm conducts in-house legal education programs nearly every month as well as partnering with civil defense organizations including CDLA, DRI and the CLM.  SGR provides presentations and written materials to clients on topics of interest.   

Our Founding Partners


William L Senter

Of Counsel

Thomas S Rice

Of Counsel

Around the SGR Office