Recent Accomplishments and Victories
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06 Sep Recent Accomplishments and Victories

SGR has been busy obtaining favorable results. In August of 2018, Chris Witte and Eric Simpson obtained a favorable verdict including apportionment of 40% liability to the plaintiff.  In July of 2018, Tiffaney Norton and Sarah Andrzejczak obtained a defense verdict in a premises liability case.  In June of 2018, Art Kutzer and Jessica Shultz won an appellate matter before the Colorado Court of Appeals affirming the summary judgment the same attorneys obtained related to a UM/Bad Faith claim.  In May, Billy-George Hertzke and Caroline Rixey obtained a favorable verdict in Boulder County District Court.  The same month Andrew Lintner drafted a winning 702 Motion resulting in Plaintiff’s expert being stricken.  Billy-George Hertzke, Chris Witte and Joseph Darin obtained favorable verdicts below offers of settlement in separate trials in April of 2018.  In February and March, Eric Ziporin and his team won Motions to Dismiss and appeals of previously granted Motions to Dismiss. In February, Caroline Rixey won at trial by prevailing on liability.  The same month, Billy-George Hertzke and John Bellinger obtained a defense verdict.  Late last year, Ashley DeVerna and Sarah Andrzejczak obtained a favorable verdict in an admitted liability case. We always appreciate the opportunity to be of service to our clients.

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