Recent Favorable Results from the SGR Team
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12 Oct Recent Favorable Results from the SGR Team

The SGR Team appreciates the opportunity to provide assistance to our clients. The SGR team recently received the following outstanding results: Brandon Guinn and Karen Rogers obtained a defense verdict in a construction defect jury trial in September of 2022. The same month, Lori Hulbert received a favorable verdict after a bench trial where the Plaintiff only received a fraction of the requested damages. Jonathan Eddy obtained summary judgment in August of 2022 in a civil rights case. The same month, Billy-George Hertzke obtained summary judgment in a premises liability case. Also in August, Billy-George Hertzke and Trevor Schrader obtained a defense verdict in a bad faith jury trial. Tiffaney Norton received a favorable ruling from the Court of Appeals in August of 2022 affirming the trial court’s dismissal of a professional liability case and awarding fees and costs on appeal. In July of 2022, Joe Irwin received a favorable ruing in a worker’s compensation case where the ALJ determined that claimant failed to overcome a DIME opinion on MMI and permanent impairment and also denying medical maintenance benefits. Tiffaney Norton obtained dismissal of a professional liability case on a Motion to Dismiss in July of 2022 . Brandon Guinn obtained dismissal of construction case on a Motion to Dismiss in June of 2022. Tiffany Toomey and Courtney Kramer successfully defended a Rule 106 Petition in March of 2022. For the second consecutive year, Courtney Kramer was rated as one of the Best Employment Lawyers in Centennial.

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