Recent SGR Results and Accomplishments
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13 Jun Recent SGR Results and Accomplishments

In February, Joe Darin and Chris Witte obtained a favorable verdict in an admitted liability auto case where plaintiff’s claimed medicals were $15,430 and the jury returned a verdict for $11,000. In March, Chris Witte and Andrew Lintner obtained a defense verdict in an auto case where plaintiff was seeking several hundred thousand dollars. Also in March, Billy-George Hertzke and Caroline Rixey obtained a defense verdict in an adverse liability case where the jury awarded $30,500 despite plaintiff refusing to consider any resolution for less than six figures before trial. The same month, Jonathan Eddy obtained an Order granting a Motion to Dismiss in a serious and complex governmental entity case. In April, Billy-George Hertzke and Ashley DeVerna obtained a favorable published opinion from the Colorado Court of Appeals including affirming $500,000 in attorney fees that were awarded to the client. Also in April, Bradshaw Smith and Joe Isert won a discovery dispute motion and were awarded fees. In May, Art Kutzer obtained a fantastic outcome in a case where plaintiff had $318,000 in incurred medical expenses yet the jury only awarded plaintiff $375 after determining the defendant was only 15% liable for the $2,500 verdict.

SGR appreciates the opportunity to be of service to our clients and devotes its efforts each day toward achieving favorable outcomes.

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