SGR Results and Victories
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05 Jun SGR Results and Victories

January 2024:

•  Karen Rogers was asked to join the Denver Chapter of CLM Board as the Director of Events and Education.

March 2024:

•  Jonathan Abramson won a Motion to dismiss in Federal Court.

•  Gabriel Cutter obtained a favorable ruling evidentiary ruling in a ski case pending in Federal Court.

 •  James Kadolph won an appeal in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals where the panel reversed the District Court’s denial of a Motion for Summary Judgment.

 •  James Kadolph won summary judgment in a case involving and alleged unconstitutional denial of benefits.

 • Lori Hulbert won a complex case where the opposing party was held to a previously negotiated agreement.

 • Billy-George Hertzke and Natalie Norcutt received summary judgment in a case involving an allegedly negligently maintained ditch.

 • Shaun Gloude and Lori Hulbert received a favorable ruling in an Estate case to avoid a 14-day trial.

 • Tiffaney Norton obtained dismissal of a case based on the statute of limitations the CGIA in Federal Court with the client being awarded reasonable fees and costs.

May 2024:

•  Tiffaney Norton’s defense verdict in an auto accident case was affirmed by the Colorado Court of Appeals.

• Eric Ziporin and James Kadolph obtained a defense verdict for our clients in an alleged excessive force case tried in Boulder.

• Art Kutzer and Bruce Robinson obtained summary judgment in an auto case involving significant alleged injuries.

• Courtney Kramer, Bruce Robinson, and Tiffaney Norton obtained summary judgment in a premises liability case to avoid a 12-day trial.

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